Monday, April 25, 2011

Coming out of the darkroom...

Greetings, photo fans!
Out There Photography is finally expanding beyond the realms of cyberspace and having our first show!
15 of our photos will be on display at Solstice Wood Fire Cafe in Bingen, WA. In case you don't know where Bingen is, it's just across the Columbia River from Hood River, OR.
We're really excited, and hope that this will be the first step on the road to a successful business!
Many thanks to Hope & Kate for making this happen!

Beyond this first show, we've got a few other projects in the works.
We're in the process of putting together a sample of our work for a gallery up in Sandpoint, ID, and if all goes well, we could be in there by mid-summer (though it could take much longer than that...we're keeping our fingers crossed!).
We've also put together a few calendars and several sets of greeting cards. We'll be checking out a printer for these sometime next week, and if all goes well, we could have calendars and cards ready to sell online (eventually) and also in some local shops.

So, keep checking back for updates, and of course, more photos!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First-Annual Snow Melt Contest ends today!

Today is the last day for guesses in the Snow Melt Contest! Get your guesses in by midnight tonight for your chance to win!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Master Naturalists

An opportunity came our way recently, and we just couldn't pass it up.
Idaho has a program in which individuals can become certified as Master Naturalists. It's similar to the Master Gardener program, but this one focuses on nature, conservation, habitat, ecology, etc. Once we complete 48 hours of training and 40 hours of volunteer work, we will both be Certified Idaho Master Naturalists. How cool is that?
We had our first class today, held at the Waterlife Discovery Center near Sandpoint, and of course, there are a couple photos to share.

Happy spring!


Out along the Pend Oreille River

Yesterday, while out running errands, I decided to take a little drive out along the Pend Oreille River east of Priest River.
Managed to get a few interesting shots, so I thought I'd post them for y'all.


Don't forget about the Snow Melt Contest! Tomorrow is the last day for guesses...

Friday, April 15, 2011

First-Annual Snow Melt Contest!

Hi there photo fans!
Out There Photography is having our First-annual Snow Melt Contest!
The photo below shows the snow that's still left on the side of our garage.

The first person to correctly guess the date upon which the last of this snow bank melts will win a custom 8x10 stretched canvas print of the Out There Photography photo of their choice.

A little info to help you with your guess:
    -this is the south-facing side of the building
    -daytime temps have been in the mid-40s, with mostly cloudy skies and rain showers at times

Email your guesses to We will be taking guesses until Wednesday, April 20, so get your guesses in soon!
Winner will be announced once the snow has completely melted :)

Good luck!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gallery updated!

Greetings loyal Out There Photography fans!

After much toil (and about 45 hours in front of the computer), the Out There Photography Gallery has finally been updated.
There are oodles of new photos to peruse, including LOTS from our big trip last fall. Some of them you've probably already seen on our blog, but many are brand new releases. We're also planning to continue adding photos on a regular basis now.

The updated gallery also gets us one step closer to being ready to start selling prints. We're checking out a local printer for a show we have coming up next month (more on that later), and if his work is as good as we think it will be, we'll be ready to sell prints of our work to the masses! (Or maybe just to a couple of friends and family, but eventually...hopefully...)

You can get to our Gallery by clicking on the link to the right of this post, or you can just click here!



Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tucker Bonus

It was Tucker's first trip to the ocean, and boy did he have a good time!
Here are a couple of our favorite shots :)


Slaving away

Since Out There Photography returned from our trip to Oregon, we've been working day and night updating our Gallery with a year's worth of new photos. The updates aren't visible yet, but we'll be sure to let you know when they are.
In the mean time, we thought you might enjoy a few shots from Bullard's Beach near Bandon, OR. We took a day trip out to the coast while we were staying in Eugene, and managed to get a nice, sunny day!