Monday, April 25, 2011

Coming out of the darkroom...

Greetings, photo fans!
Out There Photography is finally expanding beyond the realms of cyberspace and having our first show!
15 of our photos will be on display at Solstice Wood Fire Cafe in Bingen, WA. In case you don't know where Bingen is, it's just across the Columbia River from Hood River, OR.
We're really excited, and hope that this will be the first step on the road to a successful business!
Many thanks to Hope & Kate for making this happen!

Beyond this first show, we've got a few other projects in the works.
We're in the process of putting together a sample of our work for a gallery up in Sandpoint, ID, and if all goes well, we could be in there by mid-summer (though it could take much longer than that...we're keeping our fingers crossed!).
We've also put together a few calendars and several sets of greeting cards. We'll be checking out a printer for these sometime next week, and if all goes well, we could have calendars and cards ready to sell online (eventually) and also in some local shops.

So, keep checking back for updates, and of course, more photos!


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  1. So awesome!! I'll have to have a wine tasting/art tour down that way! Let me know if you want to join me/us.

    Love, Nikki