Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The edge of the earth...Part 3


Here it is, the last in our three-part series. Here is where the fun really begins, and where a careless misstep might have truly sent us careening over the edge of the earth!

Just east of where the Bull Lake Road joins up with Highway 2, you come to Kootenai Falls and the Swinging Bridge. There's a moderate size parking area on the north side of the highway. From there, you take a relatively short hike down to the cliffs carved by the Kootenai River (pronounced koot-in-ee). The scenery here is gorgeous, and one can often see bighorn sheep on the steep hillsides on the north side of the river. Unfortunately, we didn't see any on this trip, but we've seen them in the past and will surely see them in the future.

The Swinging Bridge is a remarkable structure, strung high over the rushing river below. From the bridge, you can look upstream and see the lower reaches of Kootenai Falls.
The bridge can seem a little intimidating, but it's really very sturdy, and doesn't bounce nearly as much as you'd expect...even Tucker (as you will see) handled the bridge with ease.

Enough backstory, let's get to the photos!

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy!


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